What is Baptism?

Baptism is one of (we believe) two outward rites (the other being the Lord's Supper or Communion) that Jesus commanded His church to observe. At Door Creek we practice baptism because Jesus' precedent (Matthew 3:13) and precept (Matthew 28:18-20) gave authority for its observance. In the New Testament, belief always seemed to proceed baptism. 

Baptism is a powerful form of proclamation that is:

  • An expression of a person's acceptance of the gospel (Acts 2:41; 8:26-38)
  • A picture of a believer's participation in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (Romans 6:3-5; Colossians 2:12)
  • A concrete expression of the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit within a believer (Galatians 2:20)
  • A public act of initiation of union with Christ and His people

    Who should be Baptized?

    We believe that baptism is for all individuals who have placed their trust in Christ for their salvation. This includes both adults and children who have expressed their trust in Christ. The New Testament records the baptisms of believers, but never specifically, of infants. 

    In the Bible we find parents bringing their children to Jesus. He held them, blessed them, but did not baptize them or tell anyone else to baptize them. The New Testament evidence speaks clearly that individuals were baptized after expressing their trust in Christ for their salvation (Acts 2:41; 8:12; 10:47-48) and were usually baptized shortly afterwards. 

    How to become Baptized: 

    • Express your personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ for your salvation
    • Attend a Baptism Class - Click Here for class registration
    • Fill out and submit Baptism Application
    • Participate in Baptism Celebration Service
      Next Baptism Celebration will be the weekend of November 22-23, 2014

    Contact Melanie Yeazel if you have any questions or would like to be baptized.

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