Wedding Ceremony PhotoWedding days are a wonderful time of celebration and hope.  A great deal of time, effort and expense go into making it a day that a couple will remember the rest of their lives.  At Door Creek we not only want to help couples to enjoy their wedding day, but more importantly to help them prepare for their marriage.

The covenant that a couple makes should not be taken lightly, but reverently and deliberately.  Since our purpose is to establish Christian marriages in the context of a loving community, weddings at Door Creek are for devoted followers of Christ who have been regularly attending Door Creek for at least six months prior to their application to be married here. 

Sexual abstinence before marriage is God's design for each couple.  Abstinence and living separately from each other prior to marriage not only honors God and your fiance, but allows you to maintain the boundaries necessary to better develop your relationship.  We would ask you as a couple to covenant with each other to abstain sexually throughout the pre-marriage period until you are married and to live separately from one another until your wedding.

For more information about weddings at Door Creek Church email Cheryl

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