What does it mean to be a church for all people?

Apr 7th   |   Brian Rust

    Study and prayer are our next steps after hearing from Michael Emerson and Alvin Sanders on reconciliation this past year. Our observations from these studies can be found here.

    So far, we've covered Genesis through Song of Songs, reading through the law as well as history and wisdom literature.  Our discussions have been illuminating, convicting, and exciting.  We've been struck, for example, that on several occasions, God crossed ethnic and cultural boundaries to carry forth his plans: from Rahab to Ruth.  And we've been reminded that, throughout the old testament, God's people are instructed to care for the poor, the alien, the widow and orphan within their midst.

    In our last meeting we turned to the prophets, reading Isaiah through Malachi.  We invite you to join us!  Perhaps consider reading one prophetic book, looking for themes, stories, and command related to reconciliation and opening up the doors of the church to all people.  Keep an eye out for the sin of racism or for verses on God's love for the poor, for example.  Or perhaps consider reading a handful of minor prophets; or, perhaps still, you want to give all of the books a quick skim, stopping in certain places that strike you as particularly relevant.

    All of your insights and feedback are particularly welcome and we together strive to become a church for all people.  Please email them to Matt Desmond at .edu and we will add them to our notes.

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