Kindergarten thru 5th Grade - KidJam

Kid Jam LogoOur Elementary Sunday School ministry is called KidJam and is offered during worship services (during the school year) for children in kindergarten thru 5th grade providing them with an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God.

Our mission is to assist you with your child's spiritual development and to encourage the formation of a lifelong relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Here's what a typical day at KidJam looks like:KidJam

  • 15 minutes before service until start of service
    Shepherds hang out in the Activity Center to greet and play with kids prior to the start of KidJam.
  • Service Time - 75 minutes
    Your child will split the time between Large Group and Small Group.
    During Large Group the kids gather together in Quad 1 for a stage presentation that combines a Bible truth or story, life application and worship. Children have the opportunity to worship through music and movement. 
  • Dismissal
    For security reasons, kids are not allowed to leave their small group until they are picked up by you or an older sibling.  

Small Groups are an important extension of church life at Door Creek!

We begin this emphasis as early as kindergarten in our small groups in KidJam. Small Group allows kids to gather with other kids their gender and grade for activities that reinforce the Bible lesson and helps kids apply these Bible truths to their young lives.

A shepherd leads each small group, usually 3-10 kids of the same grade and gender. 


A Guide to Leading Your Child to Jesus

A Parent's Guide to Communion

A Parent's Guide to Baptism

Contact Information:       
, Elementary Division Leader 
608-222-8586 Ext. 38