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Eat this Book - Fit Series

About the Series 

Join us as we develop the everyday habit of reading the Bible and allowing it to shape the way we think and live.  We would love for you to read through the entire Bible in 2012 but more importantly we want God's Word to change each of us everyday into devoted followers of Christ who change the world with his love. 

Getting Started

The Reading Plan

We’ll be following a customized one year Bible reading plan which includes a daily Psalm. For some of you, reading a daily Psalm could be the perfect way to start opening the Bible every day.

More Resources

  • View archives of previous The Bible in Five videos on Vimeo.

Weekly Reading Guides

A one page summary that provides key points and themes will be available each week.

What’s Up With That? blog: Post a question, or see where others have asked “What’s up with that?” in their daily readings.

Recommended Sermon Links

Join a LifeGroup

As the messages move through the Bible, LifeGroups will be a great place to discuss and learn as you read through the Bible in community with others. 

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