Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry provides Christ-centered care for those are hurting and going through major life changes.  Stephen Ministers provide this care by supporting people through listening, prayer and Bible-based encouragement. Stephen Ministers are highly trained lay people who have responded to Christ’s call to “carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” 

Stephen Ministers are:

  • Christ-followers who walk beside a hurting person

  • compassionate Christians who support hurting people through listening, prayer and  Bible-based encouragement.

  • a lay person who has received 50 hours of training in caring for others

A Stephen Ministers are not:

  • a counselor, therapist, or mental health professional

  • a person who will solve your problems

  • are not authorized to give out legal, medical, financial, or any other advice

Stephen Ministers care for:

Individuals who are going through the challenges of life and who would like a caring person to walk along side supporting them through listening, prayer and encouragement. Stephen Ministers are matched with those who are experiencing loneliness, discouragement, a faith crisis, or experiencing major life changes such as divorce, loss of a loved one, retirement, unemployment, childbirth,
hospitalization, or terminal illness. 

Stephen Ministry Training

The Stephen Ministry training starts in September and runs through mid February.  When the training is complete Stephen Ministers are matched with a care receiver.  Stephen Ministers will normally meet with their care receiver on a weekly basis for one hour and will only be assigned one care receiver at a time.A Stephen Minister completes 50 hours of training before ever meeting with a care receiver.  He or she learns about listening, assertiveness, confidentiality, boundaries, grief, growth and other aspects of care giving.

Stephen Ministers often find that their relationships at home, work, church and with friends become richer and deeper as a result of their training afterwards.  Your faith and prayer life may also deepen, not to mention the satisfaction of helping another is a wonderful blessing.

To request to be matched with a Stephen Minister contact Jen at (608.222.8586).

To learn more about becoming a Stephen Minister contact Kathy Oehrlein.





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